Shampoo Bar: Oily Hair

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Shampoo Bar: Oily Hair
Shampoo Bar: Oily Hair

Yes, I said it, SHAMPOO BARS!!  This solid shampoo bar is formulated for Oily Hair, resulting in healthy, soft and manageable hair. Shampoo Bars also keep our Mother Nature clean of plastic containers. One shampoo bar is equal to 50-75 (actual results may very) washes which is also equivalate to 3 plastic bottles of shampoo which again, keep our environment clean of unnecessary plastic bottles. 

These are perfect for traveling, gym-friendly, colour safe & nontoxic.

These bars are 4oz. glycerin goats milk, lemon, cedarwood and grapefruit essential oils for oily hair with an array of butters and herbs formulated for your personal needs.  

TIP: One thing I HIGHLY recommend is to use a soap saver in the shower so that your soap lasts longer, this helps it dry out in between uses. You can get them at a dollar store.