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Men's Gift Set

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Men's Gift Set

This gift set is perfect for any man in your life! This set includes: 

1. Cedarwood & Clove Body and Face Oil: Apply to clean face and body and massage into skin for hydration. Cedarwood helps brighten the skin while clove helps the hair follicles become smaller over time for a lesser shave.

  • Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Cedarwood and Clove Essential Oils

2. Bergamot Bay Leaf Body Spray: Spritz whenever you need a refresher after a hard days work or even just right out of the shower. The aromas of a citrus bergamot and a musk fragrance of bay leaf will leave you invigorated for the entire day and night.

  • Botanical Water, Bergamot Essential Oil and Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil 

3. Charcoal Soap: Charcoal is a natural detoxifier. It helps pull out impurities and soothes the skin of any irritation like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

  • Goats Milk, Charcoal, Indian Healing Clay, Tea Tree Essential Oil

4. Avocado Butter Body and Face Moisturizer: During the cooler weather our skin tends to dry out. This Avocado Body Butter is perfect for the face and body to rejuvenate the skin. 

  • Avocado Butter, Avocado Oil, Root Powders, Green Tea