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Mothers Breast Milk Soap

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Mothers Breast Milk Soap
Mothers Breast Milk Soap

I love when my clients give me challenges. I have a mother who is breastfeeding and has lots of milk left over so she froze it and brought it to me. Over the past month I have been doing extensive research on how to incorporate the mother's breast milk into goat's milk soap without damaging the qualities of the mother's milk. I have infused the two at a low grade temperature that has made the perfect soap for her baby. I added a light lavender & chamomile scent that smells like a sweet baby.
Mothers milk infused in goats milk soap is so beneficial to the baby. This soap can aid in relieving of diaper rash, eczema, dry/bumpy skin & can help in killing certain infections as well as boost the immunity.

2.5oz of breast milk makes 1 bar of soap which is $8 a bar. If smaller amount is needed I will be more then happy to do whatever amount you can produce. 

If interested please email me at www.cwbodyorganics@gmail for instructions on mailing frozen milk or drop off of frozen milk in the Jackson Metro Area.