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Frankincense & Honey Bath Bomb (Set of 3).

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Frankincense & Honey Bath Bomb (Set of 3).

Frankincense oil is thought to help heal cancerous cells in the body. Many experts say that frankincense oil applied to the body everyday can lower your chances of your cells becoming cancerous. As an Herbalist and Medicinal Healer, I do believe in my opinion that Frankincense oil can help you in many aspects of health. 

I have created a bath bomb that is full of frankincense oil with a hint of honey oil to sweeten the aromas. Frankincense resin clusters are on top to add to the medicinal experience. 

Place into a warm bath and soak for 20 mins. The clusters of resin will melt adding more to your herbal soak. 

Set includes 3 bath bombs for the week. I advise using one for the beginning of the week, 1 in the middle and 1 at the end of the week. 

*Information of Frankincense oil stated in the description is of my opinion and my opinion only. I recommend doing some research if interested in Frankincense and cancerous cells.

*****If you do have cancer please talk to your Dr  before using any type of essential oil*****

The Herbal Academy:

Can essential oils cure cancer?

This is, perhaps, the most controversial of the questions people frequently ask. There is also a tremendous amount of misunderstanding of the information that is available. It is boswellic acids (found in frankincense) that research has connected with the potential for future cancer treatments, yet because of the essential oil myth, people extrapolate that to mean that frankincense essential oil also has that potential. People even go so far as to say that frankincense does cure cancer.  Please do not follow this extreme line of reasoning.

Research has demonstrated several essential oils’ abilities to somehow block tumor growth or even decrease cancer cell growth in petri dishes, so there is the potential that someday there may be an essential oil therapy for cancer. Right now we are a long way from that reality, with many steps left to be determined, including a method by which the essential oil constituents can be transported directly to the cancer cells in order to have their effect. Essential oils may also have a protective effect and may protect cancer cells, and can interact negatively with cancer treatments. For these and other reasons, most aromatherapists and aromatherapy safety experts recommend that you abstain from essential oil use while undergoing cancer treatment.

There is hope for the future, but we are not there yet. No, as of right now, essential oils cannot cure cancer. Be sure to do careful research before choosing whether or not to use essential oils in any manner while undergoing any kind of cancer treatment, as in most cases essential oils should be avoided during this period of time.

~The Herbal Academy