Relax Dissuser Blend

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Relax Dissuser Blend

1 dram glass bottle with dropper top

This blend of essential oils is perfect for the evening or when you need to calm the mind and body down! The aromas of relaxing  lavender, infused with wild orange that can help calm axienty and restlessness. I topped off the blend with the earthy aromas of the eculyptus plant which will help you catch your breath. This will allow you to calm the body down. When you've calmed your breathing to a normal but slower pace, you can start to relax. Focus on your breathing. 

This blend also comes with 2 Indian Sandalwood insence sticks for extra relaxation. 

If you dont have a diffuser, add a couple of drops to 1/2 cup of water is a spray bottle and you can spray as a linen spray for your bed as well as the inside of a steamed shower for a therapeutic aromatherapy shower. 

Avoid sensitive areas